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We're pleased that you are interested in subscribing to the Oldsmobile G-Body Mailing List.

If you haven't already, please review the List Guidelines. By joining the list, you agree to be bound by the terms outlined there. If you are new to mailing lists, please take a moment to read the Mailing List article.

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To subscribe to the Mailing List:



Fill out the form with your email address and user name. You will also be asked to pick (and confirm) a password so you can update your account later. Click the 'Submit' button to send your request to the mailing list.

You will get a message from with a subject similar to
confirm 0b2b6a98d9c6d4fd275ef83e6eed98cbd9287c37

Inside this message is information verifying the source of the request and a link to click to confirm your subscription. Click on the link to open the confirm subscription request page. There you can choose to edit the 'real name' used by the list and choose to receive list mail in real time or digest forms. Click on the 'Subscribe to OldsGmail' button to verify or subscription, or click the 'Cancel my subscription request' if you changed your mind. Confirmation must be made within 3 days of the confirm message being sent, or you will have to generate a new request. Once the subscription request is confirmed, you will get a welcome message from the list, with instructions on managing your account as well as the list guidelines. Please read this document carefully! Keep a copy of this email in a safe place for future reference - do not discard it. You should start receiving messages from the list starting from the point of your confirmation (usually a few minutes to a few hours for real time, or within 24 hours for digest).

Once the confirmation is verified you may begin posting to the list. To send a message to the list, please address it to

If you experience difficulty subscribing to the list and the steps above did not work or you receive an error, contact the for assistance manually adding you to the list.

Congratulations and welcome to the list!


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