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All potential members should review this document. Current members should revisit it from time to time. These are the 'rules' that we operate under. All members are expected to follow these guidelines, and by subscribing to the mailing list, you agree to do so.

This document has been revised for use by The Oldsmobile G-body Mailing List. It has been adapted from the guidelines used for The Oldsmobile Mailing List. The original document was created by Greg Beaulieu, and his permission to use and modify it for our purpose is greatly appreciated.


1. General List Information
2. Membership Policy
3. Discussion Guidelines
4. Specific No-Nos
5. No Pictures Please!
6. FAQ List
7. Membership Management

1. General Information:

The Oldsmobile G-body mailing list exists for the purpose of exchanging information and promoting discussion primarily about Oldsmobiles G-body styles. Discussion about all aspects of the Oldsmobile marquee is encouraged. The list is operates using the "Mailman" mailing list software. The list is administered by Mark Tupper ( ). In addition you can contact the following List Owners for help or questions about the list:

2. Membership Policy:

The Oldsmobile list is an open list. No qualification is required to join, nor is ownership of an Oldsmobile a prerequisite.

The list is available in real-time format as well as digest format. Some mail systems (notably AOL) place a limit on the number of individual messages that can be held in a client's in-box. Be advised that daily message traffic on the Olds list often exceeds 50 messages. If mail is unchecked for several days this can easily cause a full in-box which will result in bounced messages and removal from the mailing list.

3. Discussion Guidelines:

To post a message to the list, send email to:

All postings should be G-body related in some way. Net etiquette is strongly encouraged at all times and the list is intended to be self-managing; postings are unmoderated and therefore the list requires members to be responsible and courteous in what they post. Personal discussions, "flames", profanity, or excessively commercial posts will not be permitted. Violations of these guidelines may result in private or public warnings from list owner(s) or other list members and should be heeded. Repeated warnings may and will be forwarded to the list owner(s) and, depending on the list owners' discretion, the offending party or parties will be permanently removed from the list.

Members who disagree with the appropriateness of a posting should first contact the other party by private e-mail and make their views known directly. Please use courtesy, respect and discretion in any such discussions. Public embarrassment of any member via the list is not permitted and will result in immediate member removal from the list. Remember, the Oldsmobile G-body Mailing List exists for both informative and entertainment purposes and is intended to be enjoyable for all.

Follow-up discussions should only quote relevant passages of the original posting. The daily volume of messages requires members to be responsible in removing unnecessary text from follow-ups to efficiently use net resources. Similarly, repetitive or "me too" postings are discouraged.

Clear and concise subject lines are strongly encouraged for the purpose of having clearly-defined message threads and for future research using the available list archives. Subject lines beginning with the word ADMIN should be reserved for the list owners' use. If administrative intervention is required and appropriate, the ADMIN subject line will be used to indicate that the message is important and relevant to all.

Regarding eBay auctions (or any online auction): It's the policy of the list to NOT post active eBay auctions on the list except for obviously fraudulent or hoax auctions. An initial warning will be issued by administration for posting eBay auctions outside of the guidelines. Repeated posts can result in removal from the list. Members are encouraged to search eBay independently of the list. The only exception to these rules is that members are allowed a one-time post regarding auctions that they are conducting, provided that the item is Oldsmobile related.    

This list is not intended for the sole purpose of commercial type posts. MEMBERS are allowed and encouraged to post Oldsmobile related items for sale on the list. Any member that is currently subscribed for any length of time is allowed to post parts/service for sale. Anyone subscribing to the list for the sole purpose of selling items to list members is not permitted. Unsolicited commercial posts will be considered spam and be dealt with appropriately.

4. Specific No-Nos

There are a few words and phrases that will not be tolerated. They may offend others and should not be used on the list at all. The use of such words will bring forth either public/private "scolding" or removal from the list. Please refrain from using the following in a public post:

  • F-word (or any expletives - These will result in immediate dismissal)
  • Racial slurs
  • Using the list to solicit or coordinate illegal activities
  • Anti-male or anti-female remarks (commonly known as "sexist" comments)
  • Slams against a certain type of religion
  • Sexual orientation remarks
  • Personal rants/slams (including public embarrassment or ridicule of another member)
  • Statements that provoke non-Oldsmobile "controversy"
  • Forwarding of jokes, hoaxes, virus warnings or spam

In general, we are asking that you use common sense and discretion when posting and be conservative in your remarks. Think of yourself as being in a professional environment, as in a staff meeting in an office, or as if there were children present. If you wouldn't say it there, don't say it here. It's really that simple. Again, anyone who chooses to include these types of words/phrases in their public posts will be dealt with appropriately.

If a list member or administrator feels that removal of a list member is appropriate, he or she may contact the list owner, Mark Tupper ( ). The removal request should document the situation with specific citings of rule violations by the list member in question. Any administrator has the authorization to remove a member of the list who is deemed to cause undue disruption to the list at any time. Removed members may appeal their removal from the list to the collective administration. The situations leading to removal will be reviewed, and a determination made. The member will be notified of the findings of the administration, and if deemed appropriate, will be allowed to resubscribe.

5. No Pictures Please!

Due to the nature of the mail distribution software, large individual postings are discouraged, and in fact are prohibited. Therefore members should not attempt to post graphics, sound or image files to the list. Notice of availability of such files should instead be posted if distribution is desired, and mailings can be made by the originator to individuals specifically requesting the file by direct e-mail.

6. FAQ List

A Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) list is available. New members are strongly encouraged to request and review the FAQ before posting. The FAQ is available at ftp://arl.arizona.edu/lists/olds, http://www.442.com/, and http://www.en.com/users/thall/. Also there is a mailing list specific FAQ at http://oldsgmail.com/gmailfaq.htm

7. Membership Management:

Individuals can subscribe and unsubscribe from the Oldsmobile list directly. All membership requests are to be sent to Mailman or the web interface and not the list itself.

To subscribe or edit your account, visit:


Members are strongly encouraged to unsubscribe from the list if their mail will be unreachable by Mailman for any period of time, or if they are changing internet addresses. Chronic bounced mail (i.e. mailbox full, user unknown, unreachable mail address, or other such error messages) will result in suspension of an address from the list automatically by the mailing list software. Generally, several days grace will be provided unless the volume of bounces becomes unmanageable. Please contact the list administrator ( ) if you require assistance.


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