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The mailing list is the 'heart' of this web site. It's where the membership gets together via an email discussion list to exchange information about Oldsmobiles.

If you are new to mailing lists please read the Mailing List article for information on what to expect. A mailing list is a great way to discuss a topic if you are properly prepared for how it works. 

Before joining the mailing list, you MUST read the guidelines. By joining the list you agree to be bound by the terms of the guidelines. Not following the guidelines can result in removal from the mailing list.

If you're interested in the Oldsmobile "G-body" style automobile, and would like to join this free discussion list, please click on the 'Subscribe' navigation button on the left for information. An Olds G-body is loosely defined as any Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) Oldsmobile based on the "Cutlass" model between the years of 1978-1988. However, ownership of this type of car is not a prerequisite, all you need is an interest in these fine automobiles. Any Oldsmobile enthusiast is welcome to participate in our forum.

The list is based on the Mailman Mailing List software. It is available in real-time or digest versions. Real-time members can receive high volumes of mail each day, so be prepared. Digest members are sent a 'digest' when the size of individual messages reaches 40kb.

The Oldsmobile G-body Mailing List is an "offshoot" of the main Oldsmobile Mailing List administered by Greg Beaulieu. If you're looking for a general Oldsmobile mailing list that covers all years, including G-bodies, please consider subscribing to Greg's List. Of course we welcome you to stay and enjoy the G-body specific conversation as well.

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